seanan_mcguire: Dear girls of the world today…

This isn’t about blogging, or about YA fiction. But it’s important, and I wanted to pass it along because it was so beautifully said.

Seanan McGuire wrote a letter to the girls of the world today, and it begins “There is nothing wrong with you.” It goes on to say things that need to be said to all girls, from toddlers to the elderly, and more importantly need to be heard and believed by all of them, and those around them. So wonderfully, beautifully said.

Please, go read her letter.

seanan_mcguire: Dear girls of the world today….

About D. E. Atwood

When D.E. Atwood was in second grade, she finally grew tall enough to see the shelf above the mysteries in the bookmobile. She discovered a rich landscape of alternate worlds, magic, and space and has never looked back from the genres of fantasy and science fiction. When she was twelve, she declared that she was going to be a writer, and share the stories that she saw happening all around her. She wanted to create characters that others would care about, and that would touch their lives, like the books that she read had touched her own life. Today she has combined her interests, creating genre stories about the people who live next door, bringing magic into the world around us. When not writing, D.E. Atwood is a mother (to two children and a cat), a wife, a reader, a knitter, a systems administrator, a roleplayer, and a music aficionado. Sleep, she claims, is optional.
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