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Falling off the Wagon

I’m pretty sure that I should no longer declare that I am going to participate in NaNo, because those months tend to be amongst my worst writing months lately. I last posted an update here on August 8th. At that … Continue reading

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Camp NaNo, Day 8

So… there’s this writing thing going on, and I’ve been steadily falling further and further behind. Not to mention that I’ve been forgetting to blog about my status! Which is partly because I haven’t been writing as much as I’d … Continue reading

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CampNaNo, Day 2

Whoops! I forgot to post a status report last night. It was right there, on my to-do list, and I even looked at it and thought “Well, maybe I’ll get to write a few hundred more words so I’ll do … Continue reading

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CampNaNo, Day 1

These round ups are likely to be fairly incoherent, as they will be done late at night, when my brain has melted and I am falling asleep on my sofa. My house is full of sleep vibes, since I’m the … Continue reading

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I have a Facebook Page!

You may have noticed a new entry into my sidebar. Now you can Like my page on Facebook, too! It’s not pretty yet (give me some time to get some good images up there), but it will be a mirror … Continue reading

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Going to Camp (Again!)

You might remember that I participated in CampNaNo in June. You may have also noticed that radio silence turned into complete crickets and I never posted about how I did. I failed. See, I can say it bluntly! I wrote … Continue reading

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