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Music: Upcoming Concerts

Have I talked about music before? Maybe, maybe not… suffice to say, music is a hugely important part of my life. Lyrics have a huge influence on me, inspiring ideas, moods, themes. As a teen (and well into adulthood) I … Continue reading

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I’m not your average wanna-be-pro

I think this is where I admit that this is never going to be a purely industry blog, and go from there. Because if I can be myself, be more natural, it’ll help me write more. I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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PhotoFlash #1

In the interest of giving myself something to do weekly, and in trying to create something that can be for more than just this blog, I am creating a Wednesday feature called PhotoFlash. Each week I will post a photograph … Continue reading

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Welcome to all newcomers! I’m D.E. Atwood, but you can just call me D. because otherwise it’s a bit of an awkward mouthful. I’m a writer of YA fiction, primarily with fantastic elements, and often including LGBTQ characters and themes. … Continue reading

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