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Blog Tour!

Okay, it’s a mini-tour, but it’s MINE, right? I’ll be traveling around a few blogs, with excerpts and articles, and as they post, I’ll come back here and link to the other blog posts. The dates are rough (and I’m … Continue reading

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Countdown to my Book’s Birthday!

I have reached the age where I no longer anticipate my birthday. I’m excited about it, but I don’t feel that driving need to think about constantly until the moment when it actually happens, like I did when I was … Continue reading

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Excerpt: Beloved Pilgrim, by Christopher Hawthorne Moss

In BELOVED PILGRIM by Christopher Hawthorne Moss a young noblewoman who has known all her life that she was born in the wrong body frets at being limited to her female role. She takes the sad opportunity of her twin brother’s death to adopt his identity as a knight bound for the Crusades. Now as Elias, he has traveled to the court of the Margrave of Austria to join one faction headed over the Alps. As he and his brother’s former squire, now his own, he is amazed that he is accepted for what he presents to the world. He is about to test this in a rowdy tavern. Continue reading

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