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What’s in your toolbox? (And how do you use it?)

The hardest part of getting shiny new tools is trying to figure out how to use them. We know they’re there. We’ve learned them and maybe we’ve even thought about how they could come up. If it’s TKD, I think about where I can use a combination–is it an offense or a defense, what does it compete against best? If it’s writing, I think about the new technique with my own words, wondering how it might fit in, or where a character could use the idea, or which words could change. It’s all conscious action. Continue reading

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Why A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

JB asked in a comment: Did you feel naturally drawn to telling a trans* character’s story through/with Shakespeare? Were the World Mine, for example, felt very natural for a gay romance because of the original concept of Shakespeare’s productions, with … Continue reading

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Where did Jordan come from?

I answered this Ask on tumblr, and since I wrote a rambling essay instead of a quick response, I wanted to post it here as well. christophermossworld asked: OK, you’re on. I’ll ask. How ddid you get to bee so brilliant? … Continue reading

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Commit to the Kick

I could keep talking about Jordan… and you know I want to! But while I will urge you to go to his birthday party and of course, please feel free to spread the news about him, I’ll leave that for another … Continue reading

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Have I mentioned before that writing is work? Well, in case you’ve forgotten WRITING IS WORK! On the other hand, it is also incredibly exciting to be doing what I’m doing in preparation for my book to be released. It’s … Continue reading

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so, maybe this isn’t going quite as planned…

The holidays seem to have a way of messing with my schedule. It feels like we’ve got ten times more things going on right now than usual, and not all of them are holiday related. For example, last night my … Continue reading

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Accountability, 12/9

One of the things I learned in the past year is that being accountable–to myself, or even better, to others–helps me be productive. It’s all very well and good to set a goal, but if I’m never accountable to anyone, … Continue reading

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